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Tom came to Alaska in 1986 when he was a Junior in high school.  He meet his wife Kathy during their senior year at Bartlett, they were married in 1988.  Tom started going to church and ended up accepting Christ in 1992 because of what he heard our sister-station KATB 89.3, and that’s when his interest in broadcasting started.  Tom started working for Christian Broadcasting, Inc. in 1995 and he helped build and program KAFC 93.7.  Tom is one of the television directors for his church and has directed national broadcasts for Fox Sports, Madison Square Garden Network, CSPAN, and he produced Alaska’s first live satellite uplinked HD sports event for CBS Sports.  When Tom was asked “what is the daily plan for the morning show?” he said “Unlike most stations, Christian or secular, we don’t have a daily plan, each time before we start Janie and I pray and ask God to use us to reach someone, then we turn on the mics…it sometimes makes for a wild ride!”
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Janie moved from Kansas to Alaska over 15 years ago to serve alongside her husband in full-time pastoral ministry in Anchorage.Although having a love of music & a passion to praise out loud, she never once considered becoming a DJ or working at a radio station, until she was asked to co-host the morning show with the über illustrious, Tom Steigleman....Actually, she initially wrote off the idea until she was convinced that her gift of gab could be used for good across the airwaves. Janie counts it a blessing to be working with the KAFC team and is looking forward to the continued adventures ahead while spreading the message of hope around the world!


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Cynthia, host of the Workday show feels she is truly blessed by God to be working here at KAFC 93.7. She had won prizes for years listening to the station that she is now working for. Her motivation was to use her prize winnings to promote Jesus Christ and all she comes in contact with.

She has a love for people and love to encourage them through this thing called life, for this she is encouraged.


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Fresh out of high school Cori started working for CBI Media group as a receptionist. As a shy new employee the thought of being a DJ scared her to pieces but, soon after she was pulled into the studio kicking and screaming.  She became a part of the Morning show crew and quickly realized how much she loved being a DJ! As the years passed she learned more about radio and whether it is behind the scenes or front stage she is at home.  Now, many years later, she is blessed and honored to be a co-host of the Traffic Jam with Kim on KAFC 93.7!

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Kim was born and raised in Alaska and remembers when there was only a handful of radio stations.   She feels truly blessed to be able to be a part of such a great uplifting station.  Kim first worked with Tom at the Anchorage Daily News before she decided to stay at home and raise children--all 6 of them.  Fast forward 20 plus years: while e-mailing Tom recently, he mentioned  “we’re looking for a co-host for the Traffic Jam.  You should do it.”  Since she had never done this sort of thing before, she turned him down.  After a few more debates, Tom won and now she can be heard on the Traffic Jam along with Cori.


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Caitlyn first came on staff in March of 2016 as an Administrative Assistant, little did she know what a huge growing experience this would be for her. From the moment she walked into the doors at KAFC, they were telling her that she should do some voice work, but being shy, she was a little hesitant. Soon she was immersed in all things radio, trying to learn all she could. Before long she was starting to warm up to the idea of doing some voice work. You can hear her as the power verse girl, her first on air gig. When the opportunity arose to be The Up All Night Show DJ, she just couldn’t pass it up.


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Rick Whitbeck is the new host of "Saturday Night Fire", but is no stranger to the airwaves.  Rick has been doing play-by-play and color commentary of basketball and football games since his days in college, and he's been itching to try his hand at DJ'ing a radio show for almost as long.  When KAFC asked him to take the 8P-midnight show on Saturday nights, he JUMPED at the chance!  

Rick's *loves* Christian rap and rock music.  You'll find it constantly turned up on his iPhone - when he's not listening to KAFC's web stream.  Rick is married to Debra, and celebrating his silver wedding anniversary later this year!  He's blessed to have a fantastic wife, a super son named Colby, and three Schnauzer "dog-ters" in Andi, Isabelle and Amber.  He is blessed to play "music for generation NOW", and looks forward to being there for his listeners for every Saturday Night Fire show!